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About Us

We specialize in delivering high-quality (TFT-LCD-compatible) polarizing films from the world's leading manufacturers of polarizing films.
Our Capabilities
  • Current usage areas of our polarizing films include repairs and enhancements of cell phones, monitors, laptops, TVs, and other custom LCD display products.
  • We can provide polarizing films used in the original production of iPhones and iPads.
  • We can provide both linear and circular polarizing films.
  • We can cut the films to the exact dimensions that you require.
  • We can analyze your polarizing film sample and identify matching film options that we can provide.
  • For bulk clients, we can provide free sample films for testing purposes.
  • We can ship the films to any location in the world as we're already providing films to our clients around the world.
  • We are located in San Jose, California.

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